Palwasha Hassan

Board Member, Field Representative inside Afghanistan

Ms. Hassan holds a Master's Degree in Post-War Recovery Studies from York University, UK and has been former fellow in United States Institute of Peace. She is a dedicated Women’s Rights activist pioneering many critical works for promotion of women’s rights and civil society in Afghanistan that includes launching Roazana, the first women’s legal support organization, Madadgar, a Women’s and Street Children Center, Women and Children Safe Home Network, and Irfan Cultural Center, among others. She has extensively advocated for the role of women in peace building and political participation. Ms. Hassan was born and raised in Afghanistan in her early teens. She migrated with her family to Pakistan where she completed her school and acquired under-grad degree. In her school years she volunteered with a Women’s Refugee Center where she, with few other women, laid the foundation for the Afghan Women’s Network. The Afghan Women’s Network is a visionary organization that is currently leading the women’s movement inside Afghanistan. This network has played a pivotal role in lobbying for women’s rights for the last nineteen years.

Key Achievements:

  • One of the 1000 women nominees for Noble Peace Award Initiative from Afghanistan
  • Civil Society designated speaker in Afghanistan Development Forum 2003, 2004
  • Civil Society designated speaker and representative in Tokyo (2002) and Kabul (2010)
  • Civil Society nominee for Women Ministry 2010