How to get involved

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Become part of something greater! Together, we can accomplish more than we can as individuals. Our combined energy - regardless of ethnicity, religion, race, gender, language, or age - can take us to our full potential. By joining us, you are helping our community overcome many of the unique challenges faced in the past.

Become a local volunteer: One person really can make a difference! A-AWA can be the vehicle for the charitable work that you have always wanted to do. Please contact us today with your questions and ideas.

Provide local services: A-AWA needs your expertise. Please add your name and organization to our listserv. Whether you are a teacher, a physical therapist, a chef, a doctor, an accountant, a lawyer, a child-care provider, etc., we need your help.

Monetary contribution: If our message speaks to you, this is the easiest way to help our cause. A bimonthly newsletter will provide you with updates on our projects and how your contributions will be put to good use.

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